BikerSOS gives tips on how to keep your clothes in good condition

The impact of garment care on motorcycle safety is often underestimated!
A non-maintained clothing retains its full protective function shorter. Incorrect care can also drastically shorten the lifetime, as the material properties of the surface or of the contained protector are changed.
So, the lifetime of every garment depends very much on the right care.
Very important, before you do anything: Always note the sewn care label, there is usually a lot on it.

Pay attention to special materials

Especially for GORE-TEX® and AEROTEX® clothing, you can usually also have them chemically cleaned, if this is symbolized in the care instructions. When handing over the garment, special mention should also be made of GORE-TEX® or AEROTEX®, as during chemical cleaning, the control number must be attached in such a way that the climate membrane is not damaged.
In motorcycle clothing (no matter if leather or textile), a thorough surface treatment with a damp sponge or special cleaning agents is often enough, or a careful hand wash (in the case of textile clothing).
Especially when clothing with GORE-TEX® and AEROTEX® membrane intensive rinsing after washing is important so that the wetting substances contained in the detergent are completely removed. Under certain circumstances, even a machine wash with mild detergent in the gentle cycle with repeated rinsing at 30 ° C to 40 ° C better than a hand wash. In general, better often with less detergent, than rarely with a lot of detergent.
Important in all cases is that you remove the protectors from your clothing before washing or cleaning. Do not use fabric softener and chlorine bleach. The clothing can be dried in the tumble dryer with low drum filling and low temperature.

Clean and care for leather clothing

Frau in Motorradkombi die Daumen nach oben zeigt

Don’t forget that your gloves an shoes are leather, too.

Important for the care of your leather dress are two things:

  • on the one hand the greasing around the suppleness and tensile strength to receive
  • on the other hand the impregnation to refresh the water-repellent properties

Especially for leather clothing is that you should first check yourself or – if you are not sure yourself – have checked by a specialist, which type of leather is.
Then you choose a suitable impregnating and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Suitable care products for rubbing and spraying are available from a variety of providers. The number is unmanageable, so we can only give you the tip to check exactly what materials your clothing consists.
After all, it’s not just about the look but also about safety.
Another option is to have the impregnation refreshed at a cleaning specialist, if the care label allows this.
If you want to give leather clothes to a cleaning company, be sure to visit a qualified company. Especially colored leather clothing can cause great problems in a dry cleaning. From some suppliers there are leather detergents that can bring good results if you follow the instructions carefully.
By the way:
Not only the care of the equipment contributes to your safety.
If you’ve taken your ride with the BikerSOS app, in case of a fall it’s easy for your rescuers to find you quickly!