In a difficult year in many ways in 2020, the motorcycle industry was able to continue its growth trend despite a large number of obstacles.


After almost two-month of forced closure of trade in the spring and the production stop in Asia and the resulting interruption of the supply chain – especially importers from Japanese manufacturers were unable to deliver the new models normally delivered over the winter in some cases not before  early summer – the number of new registrations even overtook those of previous year’s levels: In the period from January to November 2020, a total of 42,191 motorcycles (according to European class L3e including mopeds) were newly registered in Austria. In comparison, the number in 2019 was 40,187¹. That means an increase of almost 5 %. Quite remarkable, as it shows that motorized two-wheelers are still very popular in these times of crisis and are becoming more important for individual traffic. In September of last year alone, there was a growth increase of 64 % compared to the same period of the previous year.


Our colleagues on four wheels

At this point we don’t want to resist a little swipe in the direction of the automotive industry. Here we are not only observing the opposite, but a real slump. New car registrations in Austria fell in the period from January to November 2020 from a total of 306,681 to 224,968, which means a decrease of over 26 %. In the European Union, total car registrations decreased from 13,028,948 millions in 2019 to 9,942,509 millions in 2020 (- 23 %)².


The used market is also booming

On a well-known Austrian web portal for used vehicles, up to 25,000 motorcycles of all kinds can be found for sale – right in the middle of February. On the largest German vehicle platform, however, there are up to 75,000 vehicles that are currently offered for sale.

Statistics Austria data confirm this boom for Austria: While 100,294 motorized two-wheelers changed hands in the period from January to November 2019, the number of used registrations rose by 7 % to 107,368 in the same period in 2020³.


Delayed start into the season

Austrian curiosity on the edge: many bikers in this country were unable to pick up their license plates that were deposited before the winter because the registration offices were closed due to lockdown and thus many riders had to start the season with a major delay. Hopefully we will not find ourselves in a similar situation this spring. Many riders of course took precautions and left their motorcycle registered also during the winter months. Better safe than sorry.



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