BikerSOS gives tips how to behave in an accident with a deer

Autumn is a great time for motorbike tours, but it also carries a lot of risk.
One of them is when suddenly a deer runs in front of a motorcycle: You are enjoying the rideout on your bike, perhaps at the edge of the forest, where suddenly a deer crashes out of the forest.
Of course, the best strategy is always to avoid a collision first.


To avoid the following, please note the following:

  • The risk of game encounter is greatest in October, November (for winter bikers also in December).
  • Highest danger exists between 17:00 and 8:00.
  • Watch the surroundings of the road. A forest edge next to the road always wild-game danger.
  • If you have the opportunity, inquire in advance if in the area where you will be traveling higher probability of wilderness.
  • If you notice a game, always remember that often animals of the pack are still nearby.
  • Passing rather in the middle of the road & accordingly slow.
  • Think of your stopping distance (reaction time + braking distance)! If this is good at 80km / h 56m, so it is at 100km / h already 80m.
    Therefore: reduce speed!
  • Do not brake too abruptly, as a buckling of the front wheel inevitably leads to the fall. Danger brakes want to be practiced.
  • Driving trainings at ÖAMTC or ADAC are very helpful here.
  • In autumn, the good condition of the tires is particularly important, since the cold is the dentition with the road surface worse, also it is often wet nd slippery.
  • Always remember that you can fall. Therefore never without appropriate protective clothing!

What to do when it comes to a collision?

Don’t touch dead anymals afte an accident

If you are injured, it is best to immediately place an emergency call via BikerSOS (because the automatic emergency call is aborted when you move).

  • If you are not injured too seriously, first ensure the accident site properly: Rough debris or drag the motorcycle to the side of the road
  • If your motorcycle has such a function:Turn on the hazard warning lights!
  • Do not touch injured or killed animals.
  • Then report the accident to the police or the local hunting community – especially if the animal is still alive, otherwise it may violate the Animal Welfare Act.

Tip: While waiting for the police, it is best to take some pictures with your mobile phone. Just pinpoint the scene of the accident, the current situation. Also a photo of the animal should not be missing as well as some pictures of the battered machine. If the protective clothing and the helmet have suffered, also take pictures of it.
Insurance does not always pay
In the case of wildlife accidents, the damage to your own motorcycle is only replaced by the comprehensive insurance. If you only have liability insurance, you have to pay for all the damage yourself, unless someone else can be held responsible for the damage.
For the comprehensive insurance, a police registration confirmation of the accident is required. Who takes injured or killed wild animals, makes himself punishable for theft.

Also good to know

What exactly one has to do after an accident with game?

Does it count as a hit-and-run crash if I drive on after a wildlife accident?
No. In order for it to be a hit-and-run accident, there must be a victim. However, an animal is not recognized as a victim.
Also kann ich nach einem Wildunfall einfach weiterfahren?
Nein. Haben Sie das Tier verletzt und halten nicht an, um die Polizei zu verstĂ€ndigen, kann Ihr Verhalten als TierquĂ€lerei eingeschĂ€tzt werden. Sie riskieren damit, einige Tausend Euro zahlen zu mĂŒssen. Es gibt allerdings keine Meldepflicht fĂŒr einen Wildunfall. Außerdem brauchst du fĂŒr die Versicherung eine sogenannte Unfallbescheinigung, die den Unfall mit dem Wild belegt, und fĂŒr die Beweisaufnahme benötigst du eine BestĂ€tigung der Polizei.
So can I just drive on after a wildlife accident?
No. If you have injured the animal and do not stop to call the police, your behavior may be considered animal cruelty. You risk having to pay a few thousand Euros. However, there is no obligation to register for a wildlife accident. You also need a so-called accident certificate for the insurance, which covers the accident with the game, and for the evidence you need a confirmation from the police.
I was able to dodge, and came to fall. Is it a wildlife accident?
When deciding on an evasive maneuver, and yet falling, it is particularly difficult to prove that it was a wildlife accident. It is therefore even more important to be careful when traveling by motornbike.
By the way:
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