BikerSOS knows how to get through the end of the season safely

It is perhaps the best time of the year:
The colorful autumn offers for passionate motorcyclists still beautiful excursions and rideouts. If you know how, the end of the season can be made enjoyable. The joy can be increased even more, if one adapts his riding habits to the cooler season. This primarily affects cornering. Because with the falling temerature also the possible inclination grades decrease. The third season brings some pitfalls for motorcyclists, which we have summarized:
Concentration dwindles
Everyone knows this in the autumn: As soon as the sun has disappeared, it is cold immediately. Especially in the morning and evening hours, the transitions are often quite noticeable. Since freezing disturbs the concentration, it is important to choose the right clothing. Functional clothing with a removable thermal lining can be helpful in these weather conditions. Small helpers such as balaclavas, neck and knee warmers or wind-resistant overcoats can be used just as quickly.

Low sun can lead to blind flight.

Bad sight

As pleasant as the warm autumn sun may be, it can be so treacherous. Because the low sun often causes glare. If you are dazzled at a speed of 100 km / h, the fast time is almost 30m without visibility.
If the visor is scratched or soiled, the motorcyclist is generally in a “blind flight”. That is why it is now particularly important to pay attention to a scratch-free and clean visor. Of course, the blinding sun also hits the other road users – so motorcyclists are now even easier to miss.
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The often damp weather in autumn makes the visor fog more often than in summer. A common “instant measure” is to leave a small gap open. However, not all visors have a suitable grid, moreover, it can make the helmet uncomfortable.
Alternatively, you could use

  • Anti-fogging agent
  • equal to a visor, which is coated anti-fog
  • Pinlock system

Likewise, sudden fog banks can make visibility difficult. Early darkness also helps to be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to wear well-visible clothing and to regularly and carefully check the lighting on the vehicle.
In addition to limited light and visibility conditions, it is equally important to keep an eye on the condition of the road surface. Hoar frost in the morning and damp in the evening can be tricky. In rural areas – because of the harvest traffic – polluted roads must be expected. In addition, leaves or fallen fruit can make the road slippery. Cool tires and colder asphalt “do not mesh” so well. Strong acceleration, extreme inclinations and hard braking are therefore only partially in the colorful season.
Attention, deer and other animals crossing

Unangenehme Bekanntschaft für beide Seiten kann der im Herbst zunehmende Wildwechsel mit sich bringen. Erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit, ein vergrößerter Sicherheitsabstand zum Vorausfahrenden und besondere Vorsicht an Feldern und Wäldern tragen zu einem sicheren Ankommen bei.
Unpleasant acquaintance for both sides can result from increasing deer xing in the autumn. Increased attention, an increased safety distance to the vehicle in front and special care on fields and forests contribute to a safe arrival.
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