BikerSOS gives tips on how motorcycling is also fun at the end of the season.

Für manche ist es die schönste Zeit zum Motorradfahren: bunt glitzernde Wälder, nebelverhangene Täler, kaum befahrene Ausflugsstraßen. Zum Saisonfinale kann man noch einmal richtig aufdrehen.
For some guys it is the most beautiful time for motorcycling: colorful glittering forests, mist covered valleys, hardly traveled excursion roads. For the season finale, you can once again really open it up.

The benefits of motorcycling in the autumn

One of many advantages: the colourful autumn scenery

Experience autumn landscape
The autumn holds with its natural spectacle a lot ready, which should not be missed as a passionate biker. The woods are shining in the most beautiful colors. The sun brings through its lower beams a very unique mood in the landscape. Often seen only as a safety risk, fog often brings scene to light that would be worth for a photo book.
Less traffic
Popular routes are no longer crowded with excursion traffic, and at the destination you can get much faster for a cup of coffee or nice meal.
Great views
Autumn trips show beautiful landscapes! Sometimes it is very fresh and wet on the bike, so dress neatly – the (new) impressions compensate you immediately.
Advantage low season
If you have not spent your summer vacation on a motorbike, you can do it now. Especially in the time between late summer and the wintersports season, it can be worthwhile to drive away for a weekend on your motorbike and even be lucky and get a super cheap-price hotel.
Stay in practice
A whole motorcycle season you have gathered miles and thus gained experience. You should not let this experience fade away just because the temperatures are a bit lower. If you hang on in the autumn, as long as the weather allows, you’re still practiced in the spring and you do not have to start from scratch again. With a little weather intrepidity you can shorten the winter break to 3 – 4 months.
In order to be able to really enjoy the autumnal trip:

Always start the BikerSOS app and mind the following

Warm-up time
Even on sunny autumn days, the asphalt no longer offers the grip you know from midsummer. The tires themselves take much longer to warm up or even reach the optimum operating temperature. This is also evident elsewhere: If you can read off the cooling water or oil temperature in your cockpit, you will notice that the warm-up time of the machine now takes much longer than in summer. At ten degrees and less, tires and asphalt, in any case, no longer want to interlink sustainably. That’s why one of the most important mottos is: Get off the throttle! Greasy leave foliage, fallen fruit or branches and twigs on shady avenues, as well as dirt from harvesting or forestry vehicles are simply part of the natural appearance of a rural or wooded region.
Gentle riding style
The driving dynamics itself does not change in the cool, wet autumn compared to hot, dry summer days. However, the physically sensitive processes such as acceleration, braking, steering and cornering must now be approached significantly gentler. This is especially true for the line selection in curves. If you start too early on the corner of the curve, it will be difficult to stay in your own lane at the corner exit. And for a courageous pushing you have not much room for much less adhesive reserves. Therefore, as a rule of thumb for pleasurable curves through the autumn: early braking, late start, gently accelerate.
By the way:
If you’ve taken your ride with the BikerSOS APP, in case of fall it’s easy for your rescuers to find you quickly!