BikerSOS hat Tipps to improve your visbility

As motorcyclists we all know very well:  motorcyclists are much more at risk in road traffic than motorists. In contrast to the car, the motorcycle offers no crumple zone. Almost every motorcycle accident involves injuries. (Tip: always start your BikerSOS app!) Especially in intersection areas, there are often collisions between car and motorcycle.

“See and be seen”

In autumn one has to compensate the bad light conditions.

Motorcycles are often misjudged by other road users. While driving, the width can almost double, for example when cornering. Not infrequently motorized two-wheelers are clearly underestimated and conceded less space from other road users than would be required. But the speed of motorcycles or scooters is often higher than you think, resulting in numerous accidents in the intersection.
The narrow silhouette of the bikers makes them difficult to recognize for other road users. Therefore, the motto is also at the end of the season “seeing and being seen”. In addition to a forward-looking driving style, it is particularly important to make yourself clearly visible. At dusk, and especially at night, human vision drops sharply. Dark motorcyclists are therefore perceived very late. Good motorcycle clothing not only protects you from serious injury and the effects of the weather, but also avoids being overlooked by a striking signal image (reflective elements, eye-catching patterns, high-contrast colors). You will be better perceived by other road users.
But it does not have to be a new motorcycle outfit right away.

Mach dich sichtbar!

Eine Motorradwarnweste ĂŒber der regulĂ€ren Schutzkleidung reicht aus, um von anderen Verkehrsteilnehmern deutlich besser gesehen zu werden. Allerdings sind nicht alle Warnwesten fĂŒr jeden Motorradfahrer geeignet. Warnwesten sind in verschiedenen QualitĂ€ten erhĂ€ltlich – je nach Fahrstil uns SicherheitsbedĂŒrfnis.
“Normale” Warnwesten mit Klettverschluss blĂ€hen sich bei ambitionierter Fahrweise im Fahrtwind auf, flattern und können im schlimmsten Fall wĂ€hrend der Fahrt behindern. Motorradwarnwesten sind meist enganliegend und in der Regel mit einem bis zum Kragen reichenden Front-Reißverschluss versehen. Sie sind in den Signalfarben Gelb, Orange oder Rot erhĂ€ltlich.
Wer auch beim Tragen einer Warnweste das Portmonnaie oder die Ausweistasche bei der Hand haben will, kann zu einer aufwĂ€ndig verarbeiteten Warnweste mit Außentaschen greifen.
Allen gemeinsam ist, dass durch reflektierende Elemente dafĂŒr gesorgt wird, dass der Motorradfahrer auch bei DĂ€mmerung und nachts besser gesehen wird.
Leuchtfarbene Bekleidung, obligatorisches Abblendlicht am Tage und Tagfahrlicht können also einen wichtigen Beitrag zur passiven Sicherheit leisten.
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Eine weitere gĂ€ngige Methode ist es am Helm oder Motorrad reflektierende Aufkleber anzubringen. Aber nicht jeder Aufkleber darf den Helm zieren – reflektierende Aufkleber sollten speziell fĂŒr den Helm zugelassen sein um die Helmaußenschale nicht anzugreifen. Zudem sind Helmaufkleber oft speziell geformt um sich den Rundungen des Helms anzupassen.
Am Motorrad selbst ist etwa das Anbringen von reflektierenden Felgenaufklebern eine Methode die nicht nur sichtbar macht, sondern auch gut aussieht.

Make yourself visible!

A motorcycle warning vest over the regular protective clothing is enough to be seen clearly better by other road users. However, not all safety vests are suitable for every motorcyclist. Safety vests are available in different qualities – depending on driving style and your need for safety.
“Normal” velcro safety vests inflate in an ambitious driving style in the wind, flutter and can hinder in the worst case while driving. Motorcycle warning vests are usually fitted tight and usually with a reaching to the collar front zipper. They are available in the signal colors yellow, orange or red.
If you also want to have your wallet or ID card at hand while wearing a safety vest, you can turn to an elaborately processed safety vest with outer pockets.
What they all have in common is that reflective elements ensure that the motorcyclist is better seen even at dusk and at night.
Luminous clothing, obligatory low beam at daytime can therefore make an important contribution to passive safety.
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Another common method is to attach reflective stickers to the helmet or motorcycle. But not every sticker should adorn the helmet – reflective stickers should be specially approved for use on crashhelmets so as not to attack the outer shell. In addition, helmet stickers are often specially shaped to adapt to the curves of the helmet.
On the bike itself, attaching reflective rim stickers is a method that not only makes you look good, but also looks good.

Detecting danger spots

Of course, the problem of poor visibility comes into the game particularly in situations in which it comes to granting priority. Intersections and junctions are dangerous accident focal points for collisions of motorcycles with other road users. Motorized cyclists are therefore well advised to approach these situations prudently and defensively and, if possible, to seek eye contact with other road users!

For even more safety: always activate the BikerSOS app!