BikerSOS has tips on how to handle a puncture

The tyre is suddenly flat: this can happen to anyone, no motorcyclist is immune to a puncture. This usually happens on the most inappropriate occasions, so it would be important to carry a small tool kit with you at all times. A breakdown kit consisting of repair kit, air pump or gas cartridge – this is worth its weight in gold if the worst case comes to happen.
The cause of a puncture is usually a nail, screw or other foreign body that damages the motorcycle tyre. If you notice this at home in the garage or at the parking place, then it is best to remove the tire and bring it to the tire dealer of your confidence. The dealer will then provide you with a new tyre. To go on riding with a repaired tyre for a longer period of time is not recommended, especially with motorcycles!

Thanks to the breakdown spray

Passiert dies aber wĂ€hrend einer Ausfahrt ist guter Rat, in diesem Fall ein Pannenset, teuer. Pannensprays enthalten ein flĂŒssiges Reifendichtmittel, mit welchem sich kleine BeschĂ€digungen an der LaufflĂ€che vorĂŒbergehend wieder reparieren lassen. Diese Gummilösung wird mittels  CO2 ĂŒber das Ventil in den Reifen geblasen, wo es sich auf der Innenseite des Pneus verteilt und das Loch verschließt. Die Weiterfahrt bis nach Hause oder zur nĂ€chsten Werkstatt ist somit möglich.
Hinweis: Pannensets eignen sich nur fĂŒr sehr kleine EinfahrschĂ€den im Bereich der LaufflĂ€che, die zu schleichendem Druckverlust fĂŒhren. Ein Einschnitt, ein grĂ¶ĂŸeres Loch oder ein zerstörter Reifen nach einem Platzer lassen sich dagegen nicht durch ein Reifendichtmittel reparieren.
However, if this happens during a rideout, good advice (in this case a breakdown kit) is expensive. Puncture sprays contain a liquid tyre sealant with which minor damage to the tread can be temporarily repaired. This rubberliquid is blown through the valve into the tyre with the help of CO2, where it is distributed on the inside of the tyre and closes the hole. It is therefore possible to continue the rideout back home or to the nearest workshop.
Note: Breakdown kits are only suitable for very minor running-in damage in the tread area, which leads to gradual pressure loss. An incision, a larger hole or a destroyed tyre after a burst, on the other hand, cannot be repaired with a tyre sealant.

Breakdown set for the professional

The reamer to spoil the puncture point is included in the set.

For the technically versed motorcycle pilot there are tire puncture sets with which one can plug the hole in the tire itself without having to spray on good luck a liquid into the tire.
The repair itself is relatively simple with some practice: Remove the cause of the puncture (e.g. nail), clean the hole with the reamer, insert the repair strip with a pin and pull it out again. Cut off any excess. Inflate the tyre again with the CO2 cartridges supplied.
The advantage is the quality of the repair. If this is successful, the tyre is professionally repaired for the next few kilometres (e.g. on the way home). And you save yourself the trouble of having to remove repair fluid from the rim the next time you change the tyre.
This type of repair also allows larger punctures and even cuts to be repaired where the repair spray fails.
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The saving angels

However, if you are alone in a wide corridor and have no tire spray or puncture kit at hand, all you can do is calling the automobile club you trust.

  • ÖAMTC – 120
  • ARBÖ – 123



  • emergency call 140

They offer competent and fast help at comparatively low costs. In the worst case, for example if the tyre cannot be repaired temporarily, the motorcycle can even be towed away.
European emergency call: The number 112 works on all phones. It is independent of whether your current provider has coverage in the area you are or not. This emergency number is always routed through all available networks. It is also independent of whether you have entered the PIN code on the mobile phone or not.

Tyre pressure at a glance

A puncture of a tubeless tyre usually announces itself insidiously. The tyre “smears” away at the exit of the corner when accelerating, or the motorcycle begins to swing. Often, however, nothing or only little can be noticed on the tyre itself. If the pressure loss lasts longer, increased graining comes visible. Graining is tyre abrasion that detaches itself from the tyre in small particles like an eraser.
Therefore, there are more and more products that allow the continuous control of tire pressure (even while riding). The tyre pressure is measured by means of a special valve cap. Even the tyre air temperature can be measured with some solutions.
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