Around 5,000 motorcycles disappear each year in the D-A-CH (Germany, Austria,Switzerland) region – we know how to make it a bit (more) difficult for the thieves.

Regardless of whether it’s a motorcycle, scooter, scooter or bike, two-wheelers need extra protection because, unlike cars, they can usually be stolen much easier. Although to secure the motorcycles the manufacturers have been retrofitting the bikes with electronic immobilizers and anti-theft devices in recent years, there are still other measures to protect the beloved two-wheeler from involuntary change of owner. Another classic type of theft protection is the additional mechanical security, including, for example, locks, chains or brackets.

Advantages and disadvantages of chains and locks

Disk break locks are compact, but are they efficient?

The advantage of a armor lock chains with ball links is that you can chain the motorcycle to masts or similar things and is difficult to saw. The moving ball on the inner steel wire rope offer a difficult to attack surface for attempts of sawing or the like.The disadvantage of this chain is that it is very bulky and thus takes away a lot of space.
A more delicate variant is the disc brake lock, which – as the name suggests – is mounted on the brake disc and offers little access points for pin and side cutters or saws thanks to the Mini Disc Lock system. The advantage of this anti-theft device is the handy size, because it fits comfortably in every little pocket, usually even a belt bag is offered by the manufacturer. Disadvantage is that you can not chain the motorcycle, also do not fit the bow bolts in each disc brake hole. Therefore, try it before bying!
With the U-lock it depends on the material. Cheap U-locks can be cracked with the help of a bolt cutter relatively quickly and easily. The advantage of high-quality material is a relatively high theft protection. Disadvantage is that U-locks are even more bulky as the armor lock chains and thus are even more difficult to stow. The wider your tire, the bigger your U-lock needs to be.

BikerSOS theft-protection

We also thought about theft protection and created a theft protection with the BikerSOS GPS Tracker, which sends an alert as soon as the bike leaves its geofence (a geofence is a virtual fence or a boundary around a physical location).