BikerSOS gives tips to ensure that all bikers arrive safely and relaxed

Motorcycling in the group is fun. However, to enure that the rideout will be fun and relaxed for everyone involved, there are some basic rules to follow. “Every rider in the pack is responsible for himself or herself, which means that in overtaking maneuvers or at intersections, everyone has to make sure that the track is free.”, emphasizes Erwin Machtlinger, motorcycle expert at ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik. “In principle, mutual consideration for group rides is the top priority, and speed, travel time and daily kilometers should be agreed before the ride.”
In addition, the group size should not exceed five participants. If there are more bikers on the road together, it is better to make some small groups that meet again at scheduled stops.

Gruppe von Motorradfahrern von hinten die hintereinander eine Kurve fahren

Everyone in the pack should follow the same rules

The special tips from motorcycle pros for bikers groups:

  •  In front and at the end of a group are experienced bikers who make sure the group is not torn apart. The rider of the group with the most local knowledge leads the pack.
  • The speed depends on the slowest. This guarantees that less experienced drivers will not be overwhelmed.
  • Slow biker ride ahead. In motorcycle groups behind is driven faster than the front. This is due to the accordion effect, especially for longer distances, frequent starts, stops or turns. Depending on the size of the group, the difference is already a few km/h.
  • Proper viewing technique. Even if you are traveling in a group, the view must be as far forward as possible and must not stick to the rear wheel of the car in front.
  • Ride offset and keep distance. Due to the staggered riding every biker has a clear view of the road in front of him and can recognize possible dangers in time. At high speeds, in front of bends or on narrow roads you form a straight line again, so that everyone can drive the ideal line.
  • Hold position. It is best to arrange the order beforehand, which should also be kept strictly for the complete ride. This also applies if other vehicles or groups are overtaken. This eliminates risky overtaking maneuvers within the group.
  • Arrange signals, take breaks. For unplanned stops you should arrange sign before starting the rideout. After an hour’s drive you should take a break.
  • Comunication: Anyone who wants to talk during the ride to the tour colleagues or who would like to accord each other continuously, uses an intercom, a so-called motorcycle intercom, for this purpose. These use the same Bluetooth wireless technology known from the smartphone. This allows a motorcycle intercom to communicate with other users of such an intercom over a distance of 400m up to nearly 2000m at the top devices.

For tour riders there is now the BikerSOS tracker to install!

Also applies to group rides: If no tracker is installed, always activate BikerSOS App!