With the motorcycle on a big trip

When going on a motorcycle holiday-trip in Europe, there is a lot to consider. Plus: BikerSOS-Checklist

motorcyclist on a motorcycle packed

Do you know how to pack your bike for your motorbike holiday?

What could be better than traveling by motorcycle? Just swing yourself into the saddle, let the landscape pass by and let the wind whirl around the helmet to leave your everyday life behind you and come a step closer to the recovery with every kilometer you have been riding.
If you really want to enjoy the motorcycle holiday the name of the game is to start well prepared. To make the holiday relaxing, the trip should be well planned.

I am packing my suitcase

Basically, take as little as possible and pack heavy things in the tank bag or in the case at the bottom – that is good for the center of the gravity. Also important: suitcases should be evenly loaded. Instead of a top case, we recommend a waterproof luggage roll for bulky, light luggage. To securely fasten the luggage, high-quality lashing and tension straps are absolutely necessary. Do not use luggage tensioners! While riding, it is advisable to use a backpack that is lightly loaded with no hard objects, as these may injure the spine. What motorcyclists should pack you can find our checklist.

Different country, different customs

two motorcyclists with safety vests

safety vests are compulsory in most cuntries

This applies in particular for which things are compulsory aboard. While in Austria motorcyclists only have to have the  first aid kit compulsory aboard, in other European countries other – and curious – rules apply.
The safety vest is a must in almost every European country. However, one differentiates between carrying with you and wearing, which are partly independent of each other. For example, in Italy, Slovenia and Hungary it is necessary to wear a safety vest, but not at the same time a duty to carry a safety vest with you. If, for example, you cannot show a safety vest in a traffic control, this will have no consequences. However, if you do not put on a safety vest when you get off the bike due to a breakdown or an accident, you will have to pay a fine.

motorcylist holds warning triangle, another phoning in the background

check if a warning triangles is compulsory in the coutry of you motorcycle holiday

In Hungary motorcyclists absolutely need a warning triangle – if you are traveling with a motorcycle with a sidecar. In Sweden, Russia or Malta, a warning triangle is mandatory for all motorcyclists. In Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia, the  first aid kit is compulsory.
In France and Croatia, replacement bulbs are required, unless the motorcycle has xenon or LED lights. At least on Hungarian roads it is recommended to take spare lamps with you.

For even more safety: always activate the BikerSOS app!