What can be the reasons for using BikerSOS on short range trips? Do you think there are none? We’ve found some and BikerSOS can save your life on short range trips as well.

“I’m just going somewhere…”
“It’s not far, what can happen…”
“I’m in a hurry and have no more time…”
“I have been driving this route for many years…”

Who has said these sentences before or at least thought about them once and then perhaps regretted not having done everything to be safe? BikerSOS is not (yet) able to prevent accidents directly, but in case of an emergency it can make the situation a lot safer and call for help faster. It doesn’t always have to be in a remote area where an accident happens and no help is sought. Even in urban areas, every second counts. Disorientation, shock,… there are many reasons that can delay a quick alarm and first aid. For this reason we have summarised possibilities and situations to create a little more awareness for your safety on short distances.


Concentration when riding a motorcycle is one of the most important factors to reach your destination safely. Especially on short range trips the attitude is often different compared when you go on a long tour. You may already be at your destination with your thoughts and with the things that await you there. Riding a motorcycle should still be fun, but a bit more safety can never hurt.

Other road users

Many things can be controlled by the motorcyclist himself and are in his hand. But not the behaviour of other road users. And whether you’re on a short range trip or not doesn’t matter to the others. As a motorcyclist you always have a disadvantage compared to other motor vehicles, so you should first look at your safety and expect everything. A collision with a car or truck can have fatal consequences, the question of guilt is primarily secondary. The survival of such a collision is of paramount importance and the first step is a fast and functioning rescue chain. Whether in urban areas or on remote stretches, valuable minutes pass everywhere until a successful alarm is carried out and all information is received by the emergency forces.


Short range trips are mostly ways which one knows inside and out and belong so to speak to the routine. However, this can quickly become dangerous if you don’t adapt to the current situation. If you drive a track 100 times, you think you know every curve and every hill. That’s basically true, but a track can change and a too high feeling of safety can quickly become a problem here. Leaves, trees or other obstacles behind a bend can always occur unexpectedly. Other road users who do not know the route can choose a bad line and become a problem for the motorcyclist, even if the routine route is normally no problem.


Live tracking is also a suitable service of BikerSOS for short distances. Often you meet with friends or pick someone up and we all know, that this person is not ready yet. Or is waiting on the other side and the “motorcycle shuttle” is not yet there? Start BikerSOS, send the live-tracking link and everyone who gets the link from you knows where you are or when you are about to arrive and how much time remains to get ready.