The snow is gone and in the hands of most motorcyclists it tickles and itches a lot! The anticipation of having the handlebars firmly back in your hands makes every biker’s heart beat faster.
But be careful!
Don’t be too hasty, because you shouldn’t forget the motorcycle warm-up. In our checklist we have summarized a few tips for you which you should check again, so that nothing stands in the way of a safe motorcycle season start.

Motorcycle season checklist

Before the first trip, the following points should be taken into account so that nothing stands in the way of pure driving pleasure!

Battery Check

Even if you have wintered your motorcycle professionally, there is no getting around checking your motorcycle battery. Many batteries that were still functioning properly before the winter give up over the winter. If the battery has been removed, the poles should be protected with battery pole grease after re-installation. This protects bare areas from corrosion. You should generally attach the battery to a battery charger from time to time during the winter, so that it does not drain completely.
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Electrical system

Without functioning electrics and lights you are not allowed to leave. Checks the entire lighting system (indicators, brake light, lights) and the horn for proper functioning. Defective lamps must be replaced immediately.

Engine oil

The engine oil service (including oil filter change) should always be done before every winter. Checks the oil level and refills it if necessary.


Checks all other fluids such as coolants, brake and hydraulic fluids. Our advice is that the brake fluid should be replaced every three years.


Checks the tread depth of motorcycle tyres (at least 1.6 mm) and the general condition or air pressure of the tyre. It would be best to relieve the motorcycle tyres over the winter.
reduce tyre tension


The brakes check whether they are still pulling properly. Brake pads must usually be replaced after 3 seasons at the latest. Here it is advisable to check regularly, especially if the coverings are already at the end. This saves the purchase of a new brake disc.


The sprockets and sprocket should be cleaned first. After that you should check the tension of the chain to the rear wheel and check the chain + sprocket. If the chain is a little worn or too loose, the complete drive set (chain, sprocket + rim) should be replaced.
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Protective gear

Check your helmet for damage and clean the visor so that you see everything properly. It is also advisable to impregnate your protective clothing.
Helmet cleaner
Leather care

Motorcyclist Warm Up

The bike is ready for the new season, but are you too? One does not forget to ride a motorcycle, but after such a long time as over the winter or if you took a break, one should pay more attention to the motorcycle and the riding behaviour again. The complex system of driving requires many skills, a good sensory system of the driver and a lot of intuition, which can all decrease during the cold season or a longer pause.
We’re not talking about basics like switching and flashing. But we know this ourselves, the assessment of curves, road conditions, speeds and braking distances, all this gets better and better as the season continues. The same development, only in the other direction happens over the time when you don’t ride the motorcycle. So slow down a bit during the first rides of the new season, rebuild the feeling for your bike and the confidence in your own riding style and then nothing stands in the way of an accident-free season.
You can attend Warum-Up programs, in which one can concentrate on becoming confident with the motorcycle again or for the first time, if you are a beginner.
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