You like to ride your motorcycle? You probably didn’t know these 5 facts about motorcycling! From old to expensive, successful and fast!

The “Reitwagen” – The first motorcycle

The gasoline engine (Ottomotor) was the foundation for the first motorcycle to be built. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach designed the riding carriage in 1885 in order to be able to test it. The aim of this motorcycle was “only” to test the engine. Paul Daimler was the first driver in history , he was the eldest son of Gottlieb Daimler

The most expensive motorcycle

With 9.400.000 € the Limited Edition Fighter is the most expensive motorcycle of all times.
Designed by Marcus Neiman, only 45 pieces were produced and sold for 94.000€ each. Due to the extraordinary design and an excellent marketing campaign, however, a multiple of this value could be achieved at auctions.
The motorcycle not only looks extraterrestrial but also it is very fast. With more than 300 km/h it leaves many other motorcycles behind.

The most successful WC motorcycle

After 68 MotoGP seasons, there is of course one motorcycle that has been the most successful. It is the Honda NSR500. From 1984 until the end of the 500cc two-stroke engines in 2002, no motorcycle could win any more races. Freddie Spencer won the first title in 1985, Valentino Rossi won the last and 10 in total in 2001.

The longest motorcycle – wheelie

After 60 kilometres, some can already feel the pain of sitting on the motorcycle. I can’t believe Dougie Lampkin covered that distance on just one wheel. He managed this distance in one hour and 35 minutes in strong winds. His goal was to completely circle the home of the Isle of Man TT.

The fastest motorcycle – wheelie

343,388 km/h not very much motorcyclists ever reach this speed with a motorcycle or another vehicle. Egbert van Popta managed this on only one wheel with a Wheelie. On a 1 km long track he chose himself as the fastest man on a wheel, driven by 420hp.

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