“Shit, my battery’s dead again”, “Oh, no, I really need to charge my battery, but where?”. These or similar statements will be heard from time to time. It seems like it always happens when you really need your smartphone.
Especially when riding a motorbike, if you also use your mobile phone as a navigation device, the fun ends pretty soon. Even newer models can’t keep up with a day tour. We present you 4 tips on how to get through the day riding a motorbike when you use your mobile phone. In addition, we have provided a few examples so that you can get an idea.

Battery packs

Meanwhile you can get these at every corner and often there are give aways for free. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Not quite. From our own experience we know when you really need it, you don’t have it with you, or it is empty… If you manage the impossible and have charged it up with it, there is also the tangle of cables.
Conclusion: Battery packs do their job, as long as you take care of them and have nothing against the cable clutter. Another advantage is that it can also be used by other devices or friends.
up to 10.000 mAh Anker Powercore II 10.000 mAh
up to 20.000 mAh Anker Powercore II 20.000 mAh
from 30.000 mAh iMuto 30.000 mAh 

Battery pack without cable

This variant is basically the same as a normal battery pack, but the cable or plug is already integrated here. However, you often have to decide on a connector type.
Conclusion: In terms of operability and handling, these must be placed one step above conventional battery packs, as the cable is no longer required. Disadvantage here is that one is device-bound. Those who can overlook this will probably find the better alternative here.
iPhone iWALK 3.300 mAh
General RS C-Power Akku 4000mAh Apple & Samsung

Battery pack cases

Battery cases are very practical because the phone is also protected in case of an accident and because the battery is integrated. Just press a button and the smartphone draws power from the external battery.
Conclusion: If you always use protective covers and don’t have to pay too much attention to the dimensions, this is the way you go. The protective covers serve their purpose and also protect the device.
iPhone 7: Lenuo 10.000 mAh
iPhone 6 / 6s: Bovon 5.000 mAh
iPhone 5/5s/SE: Lenuo 4.200 mAh
Lg G5: PowerBear 4.000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S8: SAVFY 5.000 mAh
If you need a tip for other device models, leave us a comment and we well find one

Motorcycle socket

The most reliable way to charge your smartphone during a motorcycle tour is to have a direct power supply on the motorcycle for your mobile phone. This requires some skill or you can have it upgraded in a garage. You need a set for the power supply and a holder for the mobile phone on the handlebar. A model with an integrated waterproof protective cover is recommended to be safe.
Conclusion: This is probably the best alternative for all those who really want to be on the safe side. The smartphone can be attached to the handlebars with various brackets and charged directly. Another advantage is that the device can also be used as a navigation device.
Sockets DC 12-24V waterproof
Smartphone mount ICOOM waterproof Apple & Android
We hope you now have an overview of your possibilities to secure the power supply. If you have any questions about individual products or possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave us a comment