Hello, my name is JD and I am a motorcycle crash-test dummy. Now you may think “that’s an unusual job”. You are right! But my passion for motorcycling and to help other motorcyclists, made this to my destiny. As you can probably imagine, the live as a crash-test dummy is rather rough. Crashes, crashes, crashes, a successful day at work means a lot of headache, pain and sometimes there are broken bones…
BUT, it is worth it and therefore i did not hesitate to commit to the BikerSOS team as they asked me, if I could help them. We started to talk about all the problems they have

  • I don’t like it, when you ride alone
  • This motorcycle has to much horsepower for you
  • I never know, when you come back home
  • What happens, if you have an accident?
  • etc.

They wanted to develop a mobile application for motorcyclists, which runs completely in the background and helps them in emergencies. Crash-detection, emergency-alert, live-tracking, picture and trip-recording are the core features of this application. You can imagine, which part would fit best for me 😉

It’s getting serious

Finally, it was show-time. The BikerSOS team prepared themselves and set up a perfect location to perform the crash tests and record the data. An application, especially developed for this purpose, recorded the sensor data from the smartphone for the various crash and accident situations.
I prepared my self, mentally and physically, for the upcoming serious hours. I can say, IT WAS HARD! We sent a whole day testing and recreating a variety of accident situations for multiple speeds. Unfortunately, I did not get away without scars, but I can say it was worth it!
We were able to develop a motorcycle app that automatically detects accidents and automatically set off an emergency call to emergency contacts. Meanwhile BikerSOS has improved and an emergency call center, has been integrated as well. If something has happened to you, this will be forwarded to the emergency call center and you will receive the fastest and best help!

Lets get started! Last preparations before our first test

Protect our beloved smartphone 😉

Whoooooooop! Ready for take off!

It was a rough and successful day

Result – The motorcycle app, which can save lives

After evaluating our data and further tests, we started developing the first BikerSOS app version for Android and iOS.
Of course, we have added many more helpful features to make carefree motorcycling possible, but take a look at it yourself!

You are interested? Check the app out now!