Dear BikerSOS visitor,

Unfortunately we can no longer offer our service.

We will discontinue the service on 29.04.2022 and our services will no longer be available from that date.

Unfortunately, we also had to terminate all active subscriptions that were concluded via our platform, these will no longer be renewed.
Please check all Google and Apple subscriptions and cancel them.

You can export and save your tours as GPX files in the menu under Login.

If you are an owner of a GPS tracker, you can switch to the provider Ellr with the BikerSOS device. The device can be reused there.
You can find alternative providers on this page:

The password for the device and the configuration is:

If you have a company that is interested in FMB204 devices including a data sim card (credit 400MB valid for 5 years from activation – enough for approx. 3-4 years of data transmission with the device), they are welcome to contact us at
There is still a stock available, which can be bought at favourable conditions to equip a fleet.

We wish you all the best and an accident-free 2022 season!